Hotel Gasthaus - Zum alten Brunnen
Sincerely welcome by
HOTEL & RESTAURANT “Zum alten Brunnen”


opening hours of the restaurant:

Mon – Sat from 17.00 h (The kitchen is open from 18.00 to 22.00 h)
Closed on Sundays

Clear Beef soup Royale € 7,50
Horse radish soup
with smoked trout filet
€ 8,50
Lobster buisque
Finest lobster soup with lobster
€ 14,50
Prawn in a crispy coat
with salad and aioli
€ 15,50
Carpaccio of beef
with salad
€ 18,50
Goat cheese au gratin with tyhme and honey
with salad and smoked ham
€ 15,50
Main Course
Filet Plate „Zum alten Brunnen“
Chicken-, Pork- and beef- filet with two sauces,
panfried potatoes and salad
€ 22,50
Duck breast with cassis-jus, red cabbage
and duchess potatoes
€ 24,50
Venison steak with a juniper sauce,
sautéed chanterelles, red cabbage and spatzle
€ 28,50
Filet Steak with horseraddish-cives sauce,
boiled potatoes and salad
€ 32,50
„Our best“
280g beef filet with a herb butter,
sautéed mushrooms, french fries and salad
€ 36,50
Viennese veal escalope
with pan-fried potatoes and salad
€ 22,50
Stipes of Pork and beef in a whisky-pepper sauce
with pan fried potatoes and salad
€ 21,50
Salmon filet on a herbal-horseraddish sauce,
with broccoli and dutchess potatoes
€ 28,50
Salad „Royal“
Fresh Salads with Beef filet (approx. 120g)
€ 19,50
Chicken breast filet
on a brussel sprout-potato curry
€ 16,50
Pork tenderloin „Leonie“
with glazed apple splits and calvados-sauce,
dutchess potoates and salad
€ 24,50
Small escalope with onions and tomatoes,
au gratin with butter-cheese, and salad
€ 14,50
Vegetarian brussel-sprout, potatoe curry € 14,50
Chocolate brownie
with rum-cherries and vanilla ice-cream
€ 9,50
Walnut ice-cream
with whipped cream and advocaat
€ 9,50
Mousse au chocolate
with raspberry sauce
€ 8,50
Gingerbread parfait
with fruit sauce
€ 7,50
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Gastronomische Spezialitäten können Sie im Hotel Zum alten Brunnen in Rheine genießen
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Wine counsel
Mit Kennerblick und nach individueller Beratung ist für jeden das richtige Tröpfchen dabei.
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Die Desserts im Hotel Zum alten Brunnen in Rheine runden jedes Menü perfekt ab.
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Selection of wines
Auswahl an Weinen im Präsentationsschrank vom Hotel Zum alten Brunnen in Rheine